Multiheat hot water units for heating of poultry buildings.

To obtain the best results in poultry buildings an optimum climatic environment is essential for the health and productivity of the birds. Temperature, humidity and CO2 are the main factors influencing these results. Therefore a perfect heating- and ventilation system is necessary. Here the Multiheat heater is the solution!

The Multiheat heater sucks the air from the top of the house and guides this through the heat exchanger where the air is being warmed by warm water. The hot air (approx. 50 – 55 °C) is being pushed through the 6 air outlets in a horizontal flow over the birds.

MIworpThrow of 15 meter!!
The Multiheat heater is made of durable and heat resistant synthetic material . The 6 air outlets are designed in such a way the air will be divided optimally through the house and the stainless steel flaps can be adjusted to influence the throw or even temporary close specific air outlets. The hot air can be spread 15 meters from the heater, therefore poultry houses of 30 meters wide can be warmed equally.

Recirculation duct
Warm air reaches the sidewalls en rises to the ceiling, where it returns to the heater for a natural circulation of warm air. This can be improved by installing a rectangular inflow duct on top of the heater.

-    No Co2 production
-    Can be used in poultry houses of 30 metres wide
-    Perfect distribution of the heat (= 0,5 °C)
-    Dry litter, less leg problems
-    Reduction of Ammonia
-    Less energy costs
-    Nonhazardous, no open flame
-    Improvement of animal health
-    Less ventilation needed
-    Easy cleaning
-    Made of durable ABS material
-    Available in several capacities
-    Possibility to use as cooling

High efficiency fans (Multifan en Ziehl-Abegg) are available in 1-phase or 3-phase versions and controllable by frequency controls.

As no CO2 or humidity is produced by the heaters and no oxygen is needed for burning, the ventilation rate is considerable lower. Most of the time there is no minimum ventilation needed during the first 3 days of life, which decreases the energy costs significantly. With the duct on the heater recirculation of the heater is guaranteed and provides an optimum climate for birds.

All models can be used in a horizontal position and added with a cone installed along the sidewalls, either with a wall bracket or in a frame. The large throw ensures a good distribution along the walls .

During hot weather periods the heaters can be used in the opposite way for cooling. Cold water cools the air temperature.

Design registration
The unique design of the unit with the air outlets and stainless steel flaps are patented and registered..

Except for the heat exchanger, which is made of coated steel blinds, the body is made from ABS ammonia resistant material. The click system creates an easy cleaning of the heater without any disassembling. All parts are easy accessible and maintenance friendly.

More information
For more information or a quotation please contact us. It is also possible to download the Multiheat Heater leaflet.