A high efficiency balance ventilation solution with integrated heat recovery

Either stand alone or in combination with Multiheat heaters!

New Technology!
Two step heat exchange technology with dry filter cleaning, high efficiency heat-recovery unit and centrifugal fans to create the best result!

With increasing and relatively high energy prices the moment has come to invest in a heat recovery system. Depending on the heat requirement and the outside temperature the pay-back period of such an installation will be between 4 and 6 years. Each situation is different, but more and more the poultry farmer is searching for alternatives to reduce costs , either with solar panels, windmills or heat recovery.

Optimum climate inside the barn
To realize a healthy climate for poultry the ventilation part is of high importance. But, especially during cold weather circumstances, the heat loss with ventilation is high as well. Om dit verlies zoveel mogelijk te beperken is een warmtewisselaar de uitkomst. To minimize the heat loss a heat exchanger is the solution.

Multiheat Xchanger, the solution for poultry farms
The Multiheat Xchanger is made by farmers for farmers, practical and simple. During its development we took the specific circumstances inside the poultry house into account.

Warm inside air is taken from the house by a centrifugal fan and passes through the heat exchanger, where cold fresh air simultaneously passes in a cross-flow system without mixing. The warm inside air heats up the cold fresh air, which is blown into the house by a separate centrifugal fan. This air is clean, fresh with oxygen and preheated to replace the warm air taken from the house. When both amounts of air are equal we speak of “balanced ventilation”. It is not easy to achieve a high efficiency with balanced ventilation, the Multiheat Xchanger reaches of 75 – 85% and out of balance even more.

Advantages of the Multiheat Xchanger
-    Saving at least 65% on heating costs.
-    Heat exchanger with 75 – 85% efficiency.
-    Unique cross-flow recuperator made from easy to clean and durable material.
-    High power centrifugal fan.
-    Fully coated, corrosion resistant, durable panels on both in and outside.
-    Parts are from industrial quality.
-    High efficiency, low resistance, self cleaning air filters (no water).

Air from inside the house contains dust and other particles which needs to be cleaned before entering the heat exchanger. Multiheat has high efficiency, low resistance filters, easy accessible and self cleaning! Compressed air is blown through the filters automatically when needed, thus ensuring clean filters. There is no need to clean with water which would arise problems during cold winters. Once in a cycle the dust needs to be removed from the bottom of the unit.

In cold winter months  it is sometimes necessary to preheat the fresh cold air after it has passed the cross flow exchanger. Therefore Multiheat has a diverse range of heaters available, depending on the heat requirements.

Implementation options
Because of the modular construction principle the Multiheat Xchanger can fit to any housing situation or connections. Most applied situation is the position in the middle of the length side wall (drawing A). When there is not enough space available, the unit can also be placed at the end wall (drawing B). It is also possible to place the Xchanger between 2 houses and connect both houses (drawing C).

Automatic control
A PLC (computer) in the integrated control box regulates all functions automatically based on climatic requirements. Connection to a climate control and/or a central climate computer is always possible.

More information
For more information or a quotation please contact us. It is also possible to download the Multiheat Xchanger leaflet.